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September 19, 2012
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Princess Everfree - OC by LethalAuroraMage Princess Everfree - OC by LethalAuroraMage
This is a remake of my old pony OC- Princess Everfree. I drew her some time ago on a different account and decided to re-draw her on here because I didn't like the fact that her old color palette was close to Luna's (plus the art wasn't so good)

Old version here: [link]

I did write out a back story for her and I hope you guys like her. c:

A long long time ago when Equestria was still young and Luna was still by Celestia's side, there had been another princess named Everfree. She was far less important than the other sisters in the eyes of other ponies as her power was to give free will to any and all items... and in a land ruled and controlled by ponies with many unique skills and abilities, her power was close to useless.

Feeling insignificant and unappreciated, the Princess fled the castle and flew to uncharted lands. Finding a bare, uninhabited spot, the Princess decided to make this place her own little kingdom. A place where everything would do things on their own so that the hard working ponies would have more time for themselves! The plants would grown on their own, the animals would know how to take care of themselves, the clouds would come and go on their own. Ponies would love it! They could frolic and play and wouldn't have to worry about the daily struggles!

Exited about her own idea, the Princess used her magic that engulfed the uninhabited land, making it sprout lush grass and beautiful trees. Flowers of all kinds would bloom and soon enough animals never seen before started appearing... Pleased with the result, the Princess invited some ponies to come and live in her newly made place and at first the ponies loved it. It was new and exiting and so much to explore, you never knew what the next day would bring... but as time went on, the land started sprouting some weird things... hostile animals that had no reason to befriend ponies and strange plants that would have undesired effects. The ponies started feeling uneasy and eventually started fearing the unknown... The land grew on it's own, so there was no telling what lurked behind the bushes...
And just as the fear was at it's worst, the sun didn't rise one day. Believing that this was the result of this strange land, the ponies fled back to Equestria, telling everyone that the Everfree lands were ones to be feared and no pony should ever go there.

Princess Everfree was heartbroken. Her beautiful land and her well-meaning wish turned for the worst... She did not want the land to become dangerous, but with a mind of it's own now, the land just kept doing as it wished... At a certain point the Princess wanted to leave her land in hopes that it will loose the free will and everything would come back to normal once her magic wears off, but the land, that was now a great big lush forest, did not let her go. It needed the princess's magic to be able to continue growing and evolving on it's own, so it imprisoned Princess Everfree deep underground. The Prison was shaped in such a way, that if the forest were to die, the prison would collapse on the princess itself, ending her life.

Trapped by her own creation, Everfree had no other choice but to comply and resume giving the forest it's much needed magic... were she to refuse she would die and the fear of death is what's keeping the Everfree forest going up to this day.

As time passed the memory of an overlooked princess faded, but the fear for the land she had created stayed. Forgotten and left to her miserable fate, Princess Everfree has become simply... neverfree...

The original My little pony belongs to Hasbro,
The new MLP:FiM belongs to Lauren Faust,
This specific pony belongs to me.
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LordMoonBiscuit Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
great story! it really ties in well with he canon! Everfree is beautiful, too
Beadedwolf22 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
So beautiful!
AmalgamImage0 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
That is a beautiful story I could see it becoming canon
Skywriter12 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Student General Artist
ok, GOOD. You have a back story. I've seen people's alicorn OCs that DON'T have background stories and I think that the reason people don't like them. Your OC is rly good. c:
LethalAuroraMage Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you~ a lot of people don't like alicorn ocs because;
a. bad/overdone designs (like rainbows and bright neon colours or pitch black mixed with the latter two, ect.)
b. godmodding powers/story that disregard the current lore of the mlp universe. 

If you keep those two in check, people will usually lay off the oc. c:  
Skywriter12 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Yeah. I don't rly understand b, though....

Is it wrong that my story says I am co-ruler of the night next to Luna because I draw the constellations, paint the moon, and animate the twinkling stars? X3
ninnymuffin Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that must of been awkward passing luna *nightmare moon* (when she was banished to the moon) while painting the moon
LethalAuroraMage Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think some people might have a problem with the title 'co-ruler' and the fact your job kinda splits up into 3 different things. Also, constellations aren't something that pop into existence every now and then, so once you paint them, they'll prolly stay there for a few millenniums. Nothing much else to do. I also don't see why/how the moon is painted? That's also a bit of an odd job and kind of goes against ... logic. The job I suggest sticking with is the star thing. It's a job a lot of alicorn OCs like to claim, but it's still a reasonable job for an alicorn oc. 

With all that said, I don't think your OC is bad as far as Alicorns go, but I've seen many alicorns with a similar job to yours, so be on a look out for those less sane people who'll yell at you for copying their OCs talent or something xD;
Skywriter12 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Student General Artist
OMG ur right O_O Though, come on, logic? This is a fantasy world were they raise the sun and moon. THAT'S also breaking the 4th wall. how do I do it, you say? Like this:

Once they got there, Skywriter stood up straighter and let out a deep sigh. She then closed her eyes, and Canine, Celestia, and Link found themselves floating in what seem like space. Horn now ignited, Skywriter danced across the stars, each coming alive with every step.

Once she had settled back down to the invisible ground, the princess looked up and started to connect a few new stars. She created pictures of ponies playing and fierce dragons, each stroke much like a paint brush. Finally Skywriter flew up to a large plain sphere and started to mumble and ancient chant, her eyes closed shut tighter as she focused all her power into the moon. It started to take shape and craters formed while moonlight streaks crossed the sky. After a few minutes, they were returned to the soft grass of Equestria.

I was doing role play with my friend Canine on ibrony, and i was doing it, so i thought i would show it to you just as a reference as to what i do. :D
LethalAuroraMage Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think the moon power is a bit of a trespass in Luna's territory, I suggest leaving the moon alone. And yes, it is a fantasy setting, but it still functions to the logic in the show, like only pegasi are born with the ability to walk on clouds and control the weather. Yes, Luna and Celestia do raise the moon and the sun, but the moon and sun are still large celestial bodies. Stars are also large celestial bodies that are in space. They're not dots of paint you can put on the night's sky like a canvas. They're probably too far away in space to 'touch' without first suffocating. I suggest using magic to 'ignite' the stars that are far away, using your magical power like electricity to a lightbulb. That way it may seem more plausible. 

That's how I see it at least. Feel free to disagree and do as you wish, it's your oc after all and my words are not law, but this is my way of seeing how things work in Equestria and I won't approve of things that don't fit in right.  That's just me though, and that doesn't mean the OCs are bad if I don't agree with them, I just don't see how they'd be able to function in the Equestria I see.

I'm sorry if any of this made you sad or offended you? I didn't intend to, but english isn't my first language and I have trouble with communicating my thoughts to others clearly sometimes. ;u; In the end, if you're having fun with your oc and not putting other people down, then everything's ok and you shouldn't worry too much.  c:  
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